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The collection of the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum includes 30 vintage automobiles with a historical connection to Ypsilanti.  A 1933 Hudson Terraplane K Series Coach is the oldest in the collection up through a 1991 Chevrolet Caprice Police vehicle manufactured at Willow Run.
The crown jewel of the collection is #92, a 1952 Hudson Hornet NASCAR champion driven by Herb Thomas.  Thomas drove this Hornet to his second National Championship in 1953. All together, Thomas and his Hornets won 43 NASCAR races.
Ask the kids:
Herb Thomas's story provides the inspiration for the 2006 Pixar film CARS.
Miller Motors
Carl L. Miller opened the Hudson Sales and Service franchise in 1927 as an automobile dealership and repair shop.  After the American Motors merger in 1955, the dealership was renamed Miller Motors, and added Rambler to the product line.
Until 1958, when the Hudson line was discontinued, the dealership sold 1,969 new vehicles, including Hudsons, Essexes, Terraplanes, Ramblers and Metropolitans.  Since 1958, Miller Motors has continued operations providing service and parts to Hudson collectors across America.
In 1995, owner Jack Miller collaborated with Paul "Skip" Ungrodt, Jr and Peter B. Fletcher to open the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum.  The museum incorporates Miller Motors and has been steadily growing through gifts and acquisitions.
Like his automobile collection, Jack Miller preserved the dealership's authentic condition over the past 80 years.
The Miller Motors collection consists of advertising, service, repair, and promotional items that were essential to the automobile business of that era.  This unparalleled collection enhances the trip through automotive history.  The museum remains an authentic experience of a post-war service and sales business.
Miller Motors has also retained all records going back to 1927. These records are permanently displayed and archived for future generations and ongoing research.
Hemmings Classic Car Magazine
Many details of our museum were recently published by Hemmings Classic Car Magazine. The entire article can be read here.
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